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Originally Posted by Hars View Post
Did you crank up the timing on the end bell any?

Curious whether it's better to leave the timing alone for max torque and lower the FDR than vice versa.

35-38 deg on these reedys give me 60-70deg. 40 gives me 80 deg for some reason.

The main thing to remember in 17.5 is that you want your corner speed as high as possible and you want to slow down as little as possible. If your track doesn't have many (or any) tight 180s, having a higher timing can pay off, if you can keep a tight line while holding corner speed.

Originally Posted by Boz View Post
Thanks for the spur info.

Clad that you liked the setup. Z00M and I worked on that one for a few weeks. We have a new one now for low traction track. A little fine tuning to do still. Gee its easy to drive if you don't mind a little understeer. Here are my lap times from Friday Night, temp was about 10deg (bloody cold).
Forgot to mention - for Kimbrough spurs, you will need to remove the ridge of material around the centre on one side - it makes the spur a little thick and you have to squeeze the pin in.

Still using the swaybars? I found the buggy to handle a lot better on low traction with the swaybars removed.
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