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Originally Posted by YLLIB View Post
Hello Sammies, they acually come with .32 or .34, what ever calibers will all may use copper shim, I have never seen or heard of this mistake before from the 2012 or 2013 PICCO engines. Where did you purchase your engine from? Did you measured the shim with calibers? If you have and it is truely .1mm, we are truely sorry for the mistake. I will send out some shims if needed.
Please let me know. If it is .1mm in the engine then we must add .4 mm more shims, if it is .32 copper when you measure then only add a .1 shim or .2 shim to the engine in hot conditions. Plese get back with me.

Thank you Billy
Thanks Billy, for the reply and confirmation on the amount of shims the engine should be shimmed to.

Yes, I measured it with calipers. That one piece of copper shim was 0.1mm.

No worries about sending the shims. I have them, and have shimmed it to 0.5mm.

Thanks again.


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