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Originally Posted by racer1812 View Post
If they're mods they should probably do a little Google search about static vs. dynamic IP addresses. They might learn a little. But then again it's the Traxxas forum so I don't really care what they do. Maybe I should make a post in our FS section.

"Scammers, you'll have better luck on the Traxxas forum! The mods there are a bit clueless."

Yeah I told one of the mods that's suppose to be the better one of the bunch and he just told me that "hes gonna hand it off to one of their "gurus"... Whatever that means.. Its also my understanding that traxxas will throw in their soul if you buy a tmaxx from them and the first born of house targarian if you purchase a revo.. They turned me off when I realized how much more they cared about traffic through their shitty forum then they did about accuracy of info that was being spread around and the quality of their users..
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