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Originally Posted by pepito10.5 View Post
I've just purchased a RC12R5.2 please help me for a starting point Gearing 10.5T Boosted!!

Hi, Unfortunately I am a little out of the loop with pan car and boost since we are no longer running that class here and I have not run any boosted 1/12 but once in the last 4 years. It has become very difficult now with all the motors and esc to find what works very good ! I think the best bet you would have is to go ask someone who runs good at your track to find out about gearing and timing is they run the same motor or similar based motor so you can have a starting point. I wish I had a better answer, sorry about that.

Originally Posted by Keven H View Post

we usualy run the 4.0 software for modified in on road but the software that comes with the esc is also suitable for mod as long as you dont go too agressive (past 5) on the 4th and 5th mode. This will be a guess since I have never ran anything less than 4.0 in a 1/12. The esc setting will be quite a bit different from a reedy motor to an LRP, Let me know wich one you have and we can then find a good starting point for timing, gear, esc setting.]

Thank you Keven

I've actually got a speed passion 5.5 sorry I misled you, but do you think you could help me with this motor? Gearing,esc setting and timing?

Do you balance your motor pod?

Thanks Again Kevin

I usualy do balace my pod. I have been running the reedy motor for quite some time so I have not had to had much. if I remember right I added 4 gram on left rear corner or my pod but every car will be different. What I do is use the hudy balancing pin and use the already existing hole in the pod and poke a new hole in the pod not all the way through but just so the pit sits in and use the other hudy balacing tool that way you get a true measurement or as close as I can get it.

For gearing it depends on a lot of factor, track size, esc timing, tires size. It is hard to say but I think if you start with 29/96 it should be a good place to start for a 5.5 !

Originally Posted by RCvetran View Post
GRIP ROLL PROBLEM is it the set up .Advice please

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Kevin

Having ran my 1/12th 5.2 for 6 months now and not had a problem till last week. First big meeting of the year and running a new additive in the Uk. 110 runners .

By round 3 we had a very high grip situation and couldn't keep car on 4 wheels.

Set up used
1.Blue side and shock springs.
2.020 king pin spring
3.magenta tyres all round 44mm rear and 42 front.
4.ride height 3.6mm
5.side dampers corally red
6. shock 30wt oil
7.Camber -1
8.droop 1.3mm
9.running 10.5 blinky with AMR shell.

any ideas what to change that will hep.
RCvetran is online now Report Post

Like Adrian mentionned, I think the side spring are a little stiff but I think most of the problem is coming from the tires. I think 44 and 42 mm is too big, on a club race night it is ok but when the grip gets higher, I would not run magenta tires any bigger than 40mm front and 42mm rear.

The other thing is you could reduce camber to half a degree. I ran about half a degree at snowbird this year.

Originally Posted by JAKE LISZKA View Post
Hi Guys,

I recently purchased the SANWA SRG HR servo for 1/12 pan car and doesn't fit my car which is the 12r5.2 Anybody else had these issues?

I have never tried to fit that servo in my 1/12 but is the one you are talking about the super small servo ? If I remember right I think Ronald Volker ran that at the world championship and IIC as well and it seemed to fit. Are the holes in the shassis separated too far ?
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