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Originally Posted by Tabushi View Post
Well, now im excited ... i just raced 3rd Stage of National Championship (Chile - Southamerica) with my Shepherd Velox V10 on its last race on my hands ...

In about a week or 2, i will receive a R10 in order to finish the season up to end of year ...

I remember my initiation on racing 1/10 Nitro and AFM was my teacher/guru for couple years, so im here again waiting to have this new chassis on hand and reading all the post in this thread finding that my friend AFM (PAPO) keep helping and sharing experiences ...

So PAPO, be ready for a rollercoaster of queries lol !!!

cya guys !!!
Great move Pato....I will have my second race with the R10 this weekend....lets see how things work out....i really feel comfortable with this ride.
No problem with question shooting...jajajaja....weŽll learn together..

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