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Originally Posted by entitymugenmtx View Post
I just want to let everyone know that superfastsnail will get a full refund once my package is back in my hand. He said he doesn't want my Hudy system anymore after me spending $30 to get it shipped. I told superfastsnail that he would have to pay shipping back to LA if he didn't want the item anymore. By the way superfastsnail has my cell phone we spoke to each other. So about not communicating to each other that's just a lie.

Some people just have no patience. If he tells anyone he doesn't know my number or we never spoke I will make sure I will post his number so everyone can see that I'm being honest. I was thinking about this yesterday he might have buyers remorse, and I get it that's why I will refund his money once I get my package.
Please, please read what I wrote. Everything that you have done is said in my writings. We spoke for a total of 1-2 minutes. You were very frank when you called. After sending you private messages and emails and I had to contact a Moderator just to see if you even logged in...the question is whether I should get impatient with you. Now that I have your full undivided attention, we can proceed to correct whatever my complaints are. Your lack of communications is at question here. The one phone call you made, your excuse was that you were extremely busy and that you will have everything out the next day with tracking info. I am not here to baby you on this matter, as I have said...you are a veteran and are well versed in the buying/selling forum. When you received my money, it is common sense to let the buyer know that you have received the funds and to communicate with the seller if you have any issues that may hinder you sending the item out. You decided to do as you pleased, even to the point of sending the item after my deadline time frame for you on the 5th day.

Your lack of comprehension and understanding the basic rules will put you in trouble. Personal information such as my phone can not be posted without my consent...doing so or verbally saying so will only get you banned. Even though you are a veteran, I see that you and I can still learn from this failing transaction. Honestly, if you just took a moment out of your day to let me know...I would not have gone this far to put it out in the open, but like I said...it was a good thing I did so that I may have your attention.

Now lets talk about patience. Every person have their own level of patience level. If you requested that you needed more time, I would have no problem with that. Did you even tried communicating with me once you received payment? No. I asked you personally what you would have done if you were in my shoes...and I still haven't received an answer from you. Do you think it was fair to let me hang and see if the funds were in cyberspace somewhere. There is one thing in life that I can tell you...if you take someone's money, you make sure you keep your end of the deal and do it quickly. There is no waiting, there is no...I will do it when I feel like attitude. In matter or fact, a member said it best...that when you sold something, your priority is to get the item expedited out asap.

I chose to open this case out in the open because I needed expert advise from members in here to see what I did was wrong, bad or if it was appropriate. I like to make my stay here a strong contribution to this hobby who are in it for the long haul. I have been in this hobby since 1987 before the Losi JRX-2 came into existence competing along side with the RC10. I have seen hobby shops grow such as the time when Scotty Ernst bought S&N's Trackside Raceway from Joel Gish in Milwaukee. I have seen Jim Dieter do his motor magic when he first came out with the Titan (later to be named Trinity Reflex Oval) oval vehicle against Custom Works. I have been collecting RC's for a very long time...and my Ebay rating is well over 500 transactions with a perfect record.

I am not here to get things that I have not paid for nor am I here to make an example of you. I am glad that you have decided to open the line of communication. That is the best thing that I have seen so far. You calling me a liar, is a cheap shot at trying to defend your position. If you read what I wrote, I said that you did call me once...please re-read. Your cheap shot is below the belt area...I'll leave it at that. Tracking information shows that I won't be receiving the item until May 31, 2013. If you can, could you just have FedEx redirect the parcel back to the sender...I think they do have that option but it could only be done by the sender. I will reimburse half of the shipping cost and I will subtract that amount from what you owed me, so that I never get to see the item you have sent Friday afternoon. I think that is for the best and I don't want anything such as you claiming me that I have tampered with the item. As of right now, our communication still needs to be remain out in the open so that everyone sees it. You calling me to talk about this matter won't fly because there is no witness.
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