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Originally Posted by Manny View Post
I've seen some nicely done motors but Big Al's takes it to the next level! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see the rest of the car.

Joey, the wide gold wheels look nice on your "Ferrari". On the RCracing forum you said that it's fitted on an F103. Can you show us how you did that?

I wish to second Manny's comments regarding both builds. Big Al, your engine detail is excellent, and exactly what I plan on for mine, including the Ford lettering. Marty gave me an idea about going to the hardware store to get some small screens like you find in the plumbing dept that they use in faucets, and adapt them for use in the 8 trumpets/air intakes. I want to also cut out each of the trumpets so they stand alone like the real thing, if you get my meaning. I went to Hobbytown yesterday, and am going to get some plastic tubing to make the rear suspension stays and rear anti-sway bar, plus the long tail pipes. I will paint them chrome, and then figure a way to attach them to the body so that when I set it on the chassis, everything will drop in place. I also, want to take the stock plastic shock,and get a second one and attach them to the sides in the rear suspension area to simulate the rear shocks that the real cars had. they won't actually function, they are just there to add scale realism.

Joey, your car is looking great too! I actually like the look of the grooved tires on the car. Where did you get the side mirrors from? Are they the same ones that ABC Hobbies sell?
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