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Pardon my onslaught of foul language here...

This guy is a piece of a crap. He's a real, uncouth, distasteful, foul human being. That or a poor excuse of a man. More likely than all, he's everything above.

I've not traded/sold a whole lot, but what I have traded, and the parts/electronics I mail out for free (well, have them cover at least $5 in shipping if it's a lot), I make it my point the following morning to be waiting outside of the post office, box already packed taped and addressed, to be sent out priorit, as soon as they open up shop. Either that, or if I can't get off work for a couple hours, my lunch break is spent doing that.

Once you've received payment, or committed to providing a service/goods to someone else, that's now your job out of your job. I don't think a lot of people understand that now days, and it's unfortunate. I'm only what... 21 now? I understood that before I was 15.
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Food for thought!

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