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Today was a race day and it was by far my best and most fun day with the M06. There were only 4 cars in the field, an Xray Mini T1, ABC Genetic, M06 and M05.

During the last race, the same M05 and I battled it out. This time I was well a head of him. First heat I placed 3rd and had difficulty catching the awd xray and abc. Second heat I started the grid in first place and held the lead for 3/4 of the race. Eventually the Xray caught up to me and as a result of pressure I went on two wheels on an apex and rolled the car. I ended up in 3rd again. For the final I started out in 3rd and finished in 3rd. With my lead over the M05 being large, I decided t push the car in the corners. I started to notice my the rear end over steering, so I backed off so that I wouldn't over heat the tyres.

I noticed on the back straight I was as fast the the AWD cars, so again the issue is how I can make the car faster in the corners.

The only changed I made from last race was changing to 60 wt oil all around. Camber is -1,0 in back and 0 in front. Running M05 ball diff, tight. Battery is a shorty placed in middle front of the car.

I think for next race, I am going to re-install the rear stabilizers bars. Hopefully that will give me more corner speed.
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