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Second track test yesterday gave a lot of usefull info again:

Setup: Hobbywing 5.5 and MMM Pro 15 degrees boost between 15.000 - 35.000 revs.
Gearratio still 5.4 (84/30)

- speed difference 2s and 3S was only 10 km/h ??
- 15 degrees boost worked great on 2S. Top speed 82 km/h and motor temp 45 C after 8 laps.
- 15 degrees boost on 3S lasted 8 laps and ended in smoke (motor). Top speed only 92 km/h and motor temp 130 C. Car was insane fast on the infield but still reached top speed half way the back straight.

Laptimes went from 16.2 down to 15.7.

Overall impression on the car is good. Belts and drive shafts still look good and the car is real quiet and runs very smooth.
Hi speed corners are full throttle with the blitz 908 230 mm body shell, even on 3s. Low speed and off power corners the car misses some steering, but first goal is to get the right motor setup.

Next tracktest i will test 4S on MMM Pro with castle 1415 2400 kV motor. Will test final gearratio in range of 4.0. Overall weight on 4S is 2 kg
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