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Originally Posted by ignis View Post
I couldn't find a dedicated RC8T thread, so I figured my best bet was to ask here.

1. Are RC8(.2) parts backwards compatible with RC8T? The arms are obviously not, but the rest looks pretty similar?
2. I assume that RC8.2 is basically RC8 with AE upgrades. It would stand to reason that some or all of those upgrades could be installed on RC8T as well. Which would you recommend the most
3. Any spares in particular I should stock up on that are prone to breaking? Mind you, I won't be racing my RC8T, but rather bashing it on 6S.

Since the new chassis is +3mm in the rear all of the upgrades will work that are not related to the arms. The shock towers would not work since they are designed for the new arm position. Not sure that the rest is much different through.
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