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Originally Posted by spunkysandoval View Post
I will pull the drag brake out of the ESC and see how it goes. I'm runing this car in a gt class at a couple different tracks and I just went with +6 because that is what my LHS had in stock.

I forgot to mention that I also installed the low friction belts on my car. The drivetrain is very free. The belts are adjusted on the loose side. The drivetrain on this rolls out better than my VBC
I run +7 hex to get the track width to 190mm with foams. The one thing to remember is that you have a spool up front, driving style here becomes critical to keeping entry speed up, if you go in to hard on the steering, you get the front wheels sliding, this will scrub off lots of speed, if your tracks are very tight, and you are still struggling for entry speed, you may find a gear diff up front is going to help you alot there, by letting the front rotate better.
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