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Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
Built the car last night, high quality kit, a few things especially for pan car rookie:
1. extra page in the manual indicates 4 of 5x10x1mm spacers to put between rear axle and rear wheel, I can't find any of those. okay to drive without those?
Without them the rear will be more narrow than the front. Mine did not come with them either and I plan to use 2mm worth of spacers on both sides of the axle instead.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
2. that extra page also changed the front wheel's spacer setting, I guess that's the solution, though if I got the front wheel nut tight, the wheel doesn't spin.
On mine 2 spacers on each side was too much and if you tighten it the wheel will not spin well. For now I've just got 1 spacer on each side but plan to swap this out with metal shims for a better fit.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
3. it's the first kit I've built, that need you to open all the packages at once, then assemble it. All the other 10 kits I've built, I open package one by one and each of them have the part of the whole step.
That's odd...I was only opening 2 packages at a time.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
4. what's the screw needed to mount tamiya front wing? I guess a long flat head M4 screw? with a big nut? any exact size?
Someone else chime in here? I just used one I had in my spare parts box and didn't measure it.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
5. to mount the rear wing, is that 2 screws with 2 nuts?
It's not on the manual anywhere, and tamiya manual is a bit different, they have front suspension mount to secure front wing, and they use plastic rear plate to mount rear wing.
Yup 2 screws with 2 nuts. If you like you can put in some spacers to move the wing back. I put 2mm of spacers between my rear plate and wing.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
6. the pivot balls have flashing in them, bigger problem is that, that's the very first step into building the car! very demotivational.
Metal pivots would be better.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
7. plastic for linkage and the rear center part (connecting two plates) are really soft, I used the AE linkage, but can't use the AE center part.
Due to the soft plastic, when the nuts got in, it will rotate inside, making it almost impossible to tighten or loosen it. I ended up cutting the side bit surrounding the nut, and use pliers to hold nuts in place.
I had the same problem with the AE pivot on my F1R. The nylon on the lock nuts are just too tight. Run a 3mm tap through the nut first and you won't have this problem.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
8. the front suspension is cool, but it's not very smooth in the spring part, the pivot ball is normal scratchy plastic, and the shaft is some high friction metal.
I rolled up a bit of 800 grit sand paper and ran it through the pivots for a couple of seconds and it freed right up.

Originally Posted by nicholasxuu View Post
The rear of the car is pretty much perfectly upgraded in other car's standard. But the front, either telling users to use F104 front, or spend money on upgrades to replace almost every piece of that front suspension.
I didn't do any upgrades on the front end on any pan car the front ends need some TLC when assembling. But once that is taken care of it is really smooth.

Originally Posted by b20btec View Post
Tried searching the thread, anyone know what wheel and tires will work for this? I have a bunch of F104 V2 pits and want to know before I order this car.
F104 wheels and tires will fit...same ones you used on the V2
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