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Originally Posted by HBRC-LBD View Post
Hey Keven,

I've just purchased a R5.2 and a LRP flow with a 5.5T motor!

I want to know what is a good starting setup for the ESC on a low/med traction asphalt?

What changes are made from software that the ESC comes with and the updates?

Thanks Kevin

we usualy run the 4.0 software for modified in on road but the software that comes with the esc is also suitable for mod as long as you dont go too agressive (past 5) on the 4th and 5th mode. This will be a guess since I have never ran anything less than 4.0 in a 1/12. The esc setting will be quite a bit different from a reedy motor to an LRP, Let me know wich one you have and we can then find a good starting point for timing, gear, esc setting.

Originally Posted by Jsaves View Post
Thanks for signing that 12th orange body for me at the Mile High Race in Denver. My friend is right I would have loved to be there, but work held me back. You and Team AE did great at that race.

Do you think the 10r5.1 will stick around and be supported because the 10r5 was discontinued at one time with no support?

Question for you, how come you and Rick are not running the 10r5.1?
Thanks and God Bless
No Problem you are welcome. Wish you could have made it. Hopefully Next year. I am sure the 10r5.1 will be supported for a while. Like Adrian mentionned I think the 10r5 has is still available, I think there was some confusion and it was dicontinued for some time but is back in business now but I am not 100% sure.

As for not running the car, like Rick mentionned, It is hard to race so many classes at the races and with 2+ class already at major event it is hard to focus on all of them. Althought if they do race mod WGT at IIC I am pretty sure we will run it.

Originally Posted by JAKE LISZKA View Post
Hi Keven.
With a LRP flow works esc and reedy 4.0t mach 2 do I have to run a booster or receiver pack? If yes, which one?

I have seen people run without one but it is not recommended and not meant to be. The Esc requires a booster or receiver pack. Like Rick Said the Reedy 307 life pack has been working very good

Originally Posted by AdrianM View Post
The RC10R5 has not yet been discontinued. It is still available as are all spare parts on

I have have an 10R5.1 and I think its the best WGT on the market....looks cool too! The 10R5.1 will be supported well like all other AE kits.
Originally Posted by Rick Hohwart View Post
We typically don't race it because we are already taking care of 2-3 cars and one extra is a little too much to deal with. However if the IIC has a modified WGT class, we will race it there.

Keven and I (and Volker when he races) use the Reedy #307 receiver battery.
Reedy LiFe #307
Thanks Rickdog
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