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Originally Posted by Team Lotus View Post
I respect your opinion, however I don't agree with you. I and others feel that the HPI wheels and tires look much better than the "modern" slick Tamiya F104 wheels and tires on the VF1 cars. As to how the HPI tires work; I know someone who personally has used them on a pan car, and he said they worked better than the Tamiya tires! I do however agree that the F104 width of 180mm does make the cars look more like a Formula 2/Jr car; that is why we are working on making them 190mm; they will look more like a proper late 60's F1 car, plus the extra width will aid the handling!

Also, those who are making the effort to make these VF1 cars look more realistic, and are "sweating the details", and making it work better than the original stock concept, are not "wasting their time"; all this effort will ultimately make the VF1 cars even more popular!
If you want to use HPI wheels,just use F103GT parts. Wow problem solved,took two minutes.
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