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Default wiping the slate clean

Wow ok I was wrong big time. Just got the SP-1 in I put tighter the diff and axle assembly it is short As for the design well I don't have the Tamiya parts but I bet there the same (PRO & Ver 2.0) in length, Here are the New Pictures.

Now the HPI F10 setup with Vintage wheels and tires is 200mm = face to face is 7.8125" or 173.037mm then with the 6mm offset vintage wheels & tires it comes to 200mm with wheel and tire mounted.

The SP-1 is 5.4375" or 138.1125mm with Tamiya old school wide rears 200mm.

Vintage wheels w/6mm offset is 6.750" or 177.45mm short 12.55mm to get to 190mm or 6.25mm each side.

With the Aluminum adapters I did for the pan cars to get them to 190 - 200mm are the same adapters that are going to work for us running 190mm on our F1 cars W/Vintage wheels on the rear with there 6mm offset.
The Shoulder of the adapter .335" or 8.5mm the head of the adapter or hex is .170" or 4.3mm and a 2mm inside face.
Here for the fun of it!

Selling HPI F10 Front Knuckles and Complete Rear Axles W/Diffs Ball and Gear.
W/12mm TC Hubs & W/14mm F1 Hubs Good for std bearing Pans cars. STD Bearings!
eBay item number: 200947192161,200947193175,200947187493
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