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Originally Posted by NutDriver View Post
Suggestions on the pan car adapter for my CRC car? I wanna run VTA-type tires on it for playing in the street!
I was looking at an HPI F10 rear axle/hubs/etc since they use 1/4" stuff, but the width is only 180mm.

Yeah I had all of the HPI stuff even the hopups and ball diff front axles, I found the stock gear diff with the 12mm hubs on them. (still looking for ball diff) The ball diff setup has 14mm hubs on them looks much like the Tamiya F103 parts.

They are hard to come by now, I think anyway. I also have that setup on my F103 I posted at the start (page508) of me coming back here and posting.

What I am doing is looking for a way for the pan cars to run Vintage wheels and tires as well with my aluminum hubs. I am sending you. they will be at 200mm if I remember right.

Here is an old picture of it:
Here for the fun of it!

Selling HPI F10 Front Knuckles and Complete Rear Axles W/Diffs Ball and Gear.
W/12mm TC Hubs & W/14mm F1 Hubs Good for std bearing Pans cars. STD Bearings!
eBay item number: 200947192161,200947193175,200947187493

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