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Originally Posted by bigwavedave33 View Post
Gotta get on my wanted soap box again! I have TRIED to be nice and answer some wanted ads that do not post price ranges. So the way I approach them now is: Here is what you are looking for and the price. If you are interested at the stated price please respond with email address. STILL the IDIOTS are rampid and apparently LOVE to be added to my ignore list. 2 yesterday alone. Send pics then they respond, well I'm considering other offers would you take less?

thanks for wasting my time and welcome to the ignore list. god I wish I could publish my ignore list.

Also one character here always posting in the wanted, asking for stuff, wanting it REALLY cheap saying he is broke, but now looking for $500+ items welcome again to the ignore list!
Yeah I have a few like that. One was even talking about how broke he was, getting stuff really cheap and then reselling it for profit. Man that is just wrong. Dave. Would you PM me your ignore list please. I would love to see it.

For anyone looking to buy, if Dave is selling it is good. Simple as that. Most everything I have gotten from you, I would be hard pressed to tell it wasn't new.
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Selling Terms: Shipping to confirmed addresses only, low-ballers will be ignored, and I reserve the right to refuse any offer.
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