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First run today with the EDAM. First 2S and last run 3S.

Gearratio 84/30 * 1.95 = 5.46. Hobbywing 5.5 and Mamba Max Pro in blinky mode.
Speed was not that hi on 3S. Max 87 km/h but the car reached topspeed at 1/3 of the back straight. So not quit there yet on the gearratio. Great accelaration though . . . . . .

Laptimes on 3S were ok. Fastest laptime on MACH 16.2 s.

Car was dialed on 35 shore foam, no additive. Camber -1 degree on all wheels. Slight coning on the tires.

So next run different gearratio and maybe try some timing on the speedo.
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