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It really is not that hard. The radio uses AA's, the car uses a receiver pack, and the starter box uses 2 7.2 car packs wired up to make 14.4 volts. You could run rechargeable batteries in the transmitter. They make nimh (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable AA's. Most receiver packs are nimh, and 7.2 volt car packs are nimh. You could go lipo in everything, really just up to you. Most decent chargers can do nimh and lipos, so it doesn't matter if you want to run different chemistry batteries.

The number of cells determine the voltage, mah is the capacity (how long the pack will last). Receivers need 6 volts (unless it is a high voltage receiver, which can handle 2 cell lipos at 7.4 volts), starter boxes take 12-15 volts so anything from a small 12v battery, 2 7.2v nimh packs or a 4 cell (4s means 4 cells in series, 2s2p would be 2 cells in series and 2 cells in parallel. Series increases voltage, parallel increases current delivery). Once you kinda start to get it, you will see how universal everything actually is.
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