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Originally Posted by hobbs View Post
Is there a limit where the shocks should be angled down???
Its a setup thing. Getting the most out of damping. To me the angle should be
90 deg to the travel. But angling the shocks more will get you progressive travel on the shock more or less wich can be benificial to the specific situation. The car will have initial soft damping wich by compressing will alter the angle on upward arm travel and will get more travel into the shock at a higher speed wich generates more (harder) damping. Hope it all makes sence to you usin one oil rate to get soft and hard damping when you want it when the weight is transferred to where you need it on the wheel.

The 8 scale have the most angled shocks and electric tc the least. Because it works, why i don`t know besides what i said/wrote.
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