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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
If you are going to hook the wire directly up to the ESC connector, then it's extremely important to always have a radio signal from the Tx going, otherwise you risk the servo going full tilt and burning the motor out if power is applied to the servo without any filtered signal.

I was very lucky once when my kids inadvertently left the battery plugged into my crawler, but turned off the ESC switch and then the Tx, not realizing power was still going to the steering servo. I didn't realize it until hours later and my Solar D772 was so hot I could barely touch it without burning my finger. After the servo cooled, it worked just fine later that day
This I haven't heard before!
But if the RX is off, there's no signal on the yellow wire to the servo, so why would it "go full tilt" ?
And.. If not directly to the battery-to-esc-wires, how else would one connect the servo to the lipo ?
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