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Originally Posted by MrHistory View Post
i have a basic question for setup. on the capricorn sheets im not sure about the ride height. i am using the hudy set up tools and not sure if the sheets give ride height on the set up station or with race ready tires?

setup sheet for ride height:
front 5.5mm
rear 6.5mm
(i did this with setup tools on car)

after installing tires (60mmFr, 63mm Rr)
ride height with tires:
front 3mm
rear 8mm

can someone refresh me on this process?
In my opinion the only proper way to set rideheight on a nitro TC is by setting the rideheight with a blank set of rims.
You want the car to be just off the ground when the tires are completely worn (no more foam).
I only change rideheight according to the track surface: bumpy track I raise it, smooth track I lower the car.

I use the following rideheights:

Smooth track: front 0,5mm, rear 1,0mm
Bumpy track: front 1,5-2,0mm, rear 2,0-2,5mm

I change the downstops accordingly to keep the amount of droop the same.

After I set the rideheight I never change it, no matter what tire size I'm running.

I use a feeler gauge to determine the rideheight:

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