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The RB5 was naturally biased towards rear traction. The car could never be as aggressive as the B4 because it generated too much traction at the rear. The RB6 is a different car. The bias was shifted to a stiffer car, and more towards the front. It would be interesting to see what the front to rear weight bias is of both cars, but I would bet quite a bit of % points were shifted towards the front. On top of that, no more t-plate, which is where a lot of the rear traction was generated on the 5. The 6 is just a different car, designed to be fast and aggressive.

Without seeing your exact detailed setup, we can only speculate on what kind of changes you need to make... but to flat out discredit the car as a whole because you don't know how to shift traction to a more rear bias, is flat out silly.

Are you on a really loose track? like top soil dirt? Here are the things you need to do

1. no closed cell rear inserts, run softer open cells
2. .5 degree rear hubs for 3.5 rear toe, instead of 3.
3. narrow hangers (plastic ones, if you never crash)
4. shift the battery back a bit
5. shave weight off the front with a lopro servo
6. maybe step up to white front springs, maybe down to golds in the rear

These are some of the things you can do to shift the bias back to the rear of the car. How do you generate traction? friction. How do you generate friction? Weight.
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