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Originally Posted by Korey Harbke View Post
I haven't run the no cut out chassis yet since they haven't been easily accessible, but Fred and Hiro really like them. It's a tiny bit stiffer and makes the car more consistent and predictable.

Whenever you have cutouts in a carbon laminate, it makes it a lot more susceptible to defects and overall mechanical property fluctuations due to discontinuous fibers. That is a major reason why I feel Fred comments how it makes the car less sensitive to environmental changes. The car will change less throughout the day.
thanks Korey. i guess the no cut chassis is the one for me. i've been having difficulties with the traction of my tcx before. it handles fine in medium grip but when the traction comes in during the finals i tend to roll a lot. had this solved by using the smokem chassis. no cut chassis it is.
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