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Default Thanks a lot

Hi all,

I'd like to say thanks again mo for the setup info you gave me last week. I cross referenced a few of your setups and got my car handling surprisingly well for the races sunday at superior.

After driving the MI2 I'm even more disappointed in the performance of my original mission so i have a couple questions about that if you guys dont mind reliving your mission days.

1st: question/comment: the ball screw that holds the front and rear hubs have to be the worst system i've ever seen. I'm not the worst driver but i think i takes very little to pull that screw out of place and once that happens the plastic hub is usually pretty useless there after. ARE THERE ANY MODS TO GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM. I would imagine this is is a comon problem considering how many times i've replaced these parts. How did you guys deal with it?

2nd: I'm not exactly sure HOW i'm doing this but last week i broke TWO axles in the front. Once i got side swiped and the other time i'm not sure what the hell happened. This is more a general question but did you guys ever havce a problem with the front axle/cvd joints?

Thanks for all your help.
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