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Originally Posted by snuvet75 View Post
From my experience, stock bumper just crumbles on hard impact. Not all the time, but with right angle and with right impact. I've been using hard bumper for 6 months and I'm pretty happy about it. Still keeps the shape nicely and seems to have handled the impact pretty well. I usually don't make any big crash or accident but I have flown my car out of the tracks quite a few times and the bumper has held it well.
I agree.

The stock bumper is too thin and soft, over time it splits and starts to come apart. Mine slowly stuck downwards until it was actually causing my front end to judder and understeer under braking.

Instead of using a T3 bumper, I bought the hard T3 bumper, cut it down to the thickness of the kit T4 bumper and drilled 5 13mm holes (biggest drill bit I have) in it to reduce weight.
I managed to get it down to around 7g (standard T3 is around 5g)
Despite the holes it still barely bends and I've only broken one front outdrive since fitting it.

The extra, thinner stuff at the front is to pad it against the bodyshell.

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