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Originally Posted by wwddww34 View Post
So the question: "is the Vaterra VTR03006 VTA legal?"... Let's break it down section by section as listed in the official USVTA Rules.
  1. Body: Not Legal. Vaterra's 190mm '69 Camaro body is not USVTA legal. It must replaced with one of the 18 legal USVTA bodies for this car.
  2. Driver Figure: Not Legal. Vaterra does not include a driver figure with their car.
  3. Tires and Wheels: Not Legal. The tires and wheels must replaced with HPI 4793 and 4797 tires and HPI Vintage wheels.
  4. Chassis: USVTA Legal.The Vaterra chassis is 4WD and 1/10 scale, so the chassis is legal for USVTA.
  5. Motor: Not Legal. Vaterra has a Dynamite 15-Turn brushed motor in the car. It must replaced with one of 2 Novak's 25.5T brushless motors (either p/n 3625V or p/n 3425V).
  6. ESC: Not Legal. Vaterra has a Dynamite Tazer Brushed ESC in the car. It must replaced with one of the 18 USVTA approved ESC's.
  7. Battery: Not Legal. Vaterra includes a 1800mah 6-cell NiMH battery with the car. It must replaced with a 5000mah LiPo battery to be USVTA legal.
So IMHO with the Vaterra RTR Camaro, you are paying around $220.00 for a USVTA legal 4WD chassis. To make the Vaterra a fully legal USVTA car you will need to buy approx. $300.00 more.
Still a good looking car.
And i just recompared Stats and specs so its better to get the HPI one. and Hpi has no driver figure so how is it all legal? or its a sticker you add?
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