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Default Serpent 960 help

I just picked one of these up as part of a trade, but i know very little about them. though i've learned a lot in the past few days! But i need some help from those of you that know them better

I also wont be racing this, not this year anyways, it's more of a fun thing for me, and demo for our new local asphalt racing. And while i'm new to this, i'm far from new to rc

1st: how can i figure out which one it is, I think it's a first run, but what are the identifying features to figure it out?

2nd: what do i need to convert to be able to run currently available foams?

3rd: i know there's a very conversion kits for updating things to the more current stuff, what of those should i consider?

I'll also likely be converting it to brushless, which i know this isnt the forum for that, but it seems to be for the general car knowledge
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