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Originally Posted by Pittster View Post
Sorry I didn't mention that I have a Reventon Pro & a SP MMM 10.5T motor running the 11-20 set mid way.

I read on the speed passion site that Stock0 has "ZERO TIMING "Stock - Blinky" so is this the 508 software?

So all the scrutineer cares about is if the ESC is flashing at Neutral as per the ROAR rules.

But the original question still stands, the Blinky ESC runs no timing So how does Mod 2 with no timing behave differently. Or is it the same?
Answering my own question here. I did some testing of Mod2 vs Sto0 firmware and on a dusty outside track in a hpi blitz and 0 timing I could feel no obvious difference also the brakes felt the same but I am only running 50%.

But I did have a rock lodge itself into my Fan on the ESC which is now not working to well.

So on a Reventon Pro what are safe ESC temps ? I am guessing no higher than 60Deg.

How many people run No fan on there ESC.?
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