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Speed Passion Brand new F1 chassis - The SP-1 F1 1/10 F1 Pro Kit

Speed Passion introduces the SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis, an innovative and unique F1 chassis that is the result of creative design and development.

Similar to full size F1 cars, the SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis utilizes a high quality 3mm streamlined carbon fiber lower chassis, a 2mm upper deck, and lightweight 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. Chassis stiffness can also be fine tuned using 6 chassis spacers depending on track conditions. Aluminum components, such as the rear pod and center shock are anodized with a stealth black finish. The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis also allows different lipo battery positions and configurations. The SP-1 can fit regular size 2 cells lipo battery or the shorty 2 cell lipo packs. The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis represents Speed Passion’s high quality standards on and off the track as racers can put the chassis’ craftsmanship and attention to detail on display.

The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis was designed with a precision balanced rear motor pod. The rear motor pod design ensures allow precise control and balance when entering and exiting corners which allows drivers to easily carve the fastest line around the track. The rear differential utilizes high quality pressure plates along with 12 carbide differential balls for smooth differential action.

The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis suspension is designed with an innovative dual bellcrank steering system that allows the Ackerman to be fine tuned for precision control. The suspension also allows for infinite camber adjustment and 5° and 10° caster blocks for any type of track condition, indoor or outdoor, carpet or asphalt. Optional front springs can be quickly changed as track conditions change. The adjustable track width (front and rear) allows the SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis to adapt to the various F1 racing specification throughout the world. The track width can be adjusted to 190mm and lower with rubber tires and can be adjusted to 200mm when using foam tires. With optional parts, the track width can be adjusted the F1 world spec of 185mm. The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis can adapt to various aftermarket foam or rubber tires.

The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis is designed with a centrally located, large volume shock that is attached to a carbon fiber mounting plate. The result of is stability and traction on high speed track sections and total control in small, tight, sections. These characteristics are not easily found on today’s crop of F1 chassis’.

The SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis includes multiple medium and high downforce front and rear wings, made from high quality lexan. The structure for the wings are made from durable FRP material to prevent any sort of tweaking which would affect the downforce.
The adjustable rear wing has been designed to provide balanced and stable high and low speed cornering.

High quality option parts for the SP-1 F1 1/10th scale chassis include a full aluminum motor pod, various shores of foam and rubber tires, aluminum preset camber blocks ranging from 0° to -2.5°, and aluminum caster blocks in multiple angles.

Debuting @ Thailand TITC last month....along with the upcoming Speed Passion LM-F Prototype....

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