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Originally Posted by Csaari77 View Post
Need a bit of setup help with my V2. I'm running a low grip bumpy asphalt track and I'm basically searching for more rear end stability on power. When I come out of a low speed corner the car is looping the rear end no matter how gentle I am with the throttle. It's almost like the car is getting locked in a turn and just keeps going once the wheels are straight. Yet once I'm out of the corner I can be more aggressive with the throttle and the car will track correctly

My current setup is:

Rear ride height - 5 mm
Pod droop - 3mm
side springs - pink
TC Rear Shock - 25wt. and gold (mini) spring
Rear tires - Tamiya TCS (rebadged Pits)
Diff slips for 1-2ft from stand still

Front ride height - 5.5 mm
Gold springs
2 deg camber
front axels in the offset position
Front tires - Tamiya TCS (rebadged Pits)

Using a Shorty pack
Battery all the way forward, electronics behind battery

Thanks for the help!
We have been searching for a working setup quite much and found it in a direction we did not first expect. We had similar problems as you.

Track is a bit bumpy, medium traction, small medium size and we run on Pardus tires and LRP traction compund on full tire back and front normally.

Try the following adjustmements
Lower rear end (we even use 1mm shims under the motor mounts to get it really low, I think we run about 4mm, be sure not to tweak the pod when you assemle it with the washers)
1mm droop in rear (you will need to put a shim inside the damper, I think we use 3 or 4mm shim)
Harder side springs, we use silver or gold depending on traction, we do have them pre-loaded.
We use TRF shock with 500CST oil and Yellow (medium) spring, however will test 900 oil and soft spring because the car is jumping and bouncing too much.
We use the friction roll damper with 30k oil in.
Carbon axle (weight too high up with the metal one)

3,5mm ride heigh, this is the lowest before the king pin hit the wheel, unless you use a widening kit in the front then the king pin will clear the wheel and you can run 3mm ride height.
0.5-1mm droop.
Black or Gold springs depending on traction
1,5 deg camber
2 deg caster (exotec front) but std works well too.
15g weight in front of the servo
We use a long battery because our final is 30 min.
Do not use anything on the king pins but will try smth next time to get rid of some bouncing.

We also use 1mm shim under the upper suspension arm both in front and back (front is the "camber" arm and back is the "caster" arm) hope you understand what I mean..

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