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Originally Posted by tamiya-2012nz View Post
i just am used to kingpin style f1 fronts versus the shock idea,we can use whichever which is faster tho?
on a good surfaced track, FGX is just too heavy and complex to fight against pan cars.
yes mckune FGX did got 2nd in carpet national. But if you read the setup, the rear is pretty much hard like a pan car. (super stiff spring + super stiff damping + spacer under ball stud to increase spring/damper stiffness).

It's the slightly flawed bumpy tracks that give FGX the advantage. Pan car can't drive on a parking lot track.

I like the FGX for it's design, I like to play with it once a while, maybe even race it once a while. not really looking for a win with it though.

If you want a F1 to win race at the first place, just get a pan car. easier, faster (on good track), and actually cheaper.
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