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Originally Posted by yunowill View Post
Hey guys just commenting back on my original post and all your suggestions that were made .

So I made the following changes :

Rear Diff 3000 Sct

I tryed leaning the shocks down

I also tryed increasing rear toe instead of the kit (0.75 mm shim ) I used a 1mm shim

I also tryed 35 wt oil in the front shocks with zero rebound and 30 wt in the rear shocks with zero rebound .

My camber remains at 1 degree and so does my toe out at 1 degree .

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but the car is still pushing . I do understand that you are supposed to be off the throttle coming into the corner and what not ...I get all that sort of stuff in terms of apex's ,coming out of the turn ,going into the turn etc ...

At my track I have a long sweeping corner ... My buddy with the same car ,same motor ,same gear ratio hits the corner at full throttle .....Where is my car if I give it too much it will push its way to the outside wall .

My buddies car is the kit setup with 1000 Sct diff oil and 35 wt shock oil in the front with zero rebound . Also layed down his rear shocks one hole . And droop is 3mm rear 2mm front (might be the other way around Im not 100% )

So basically I am totally lost on why my car is doing this and its starting to annoy me lol .....My car sits right now as the kit setup with the changes of the diff oil (3000 Sct) and Front shock oil (35wt ) ....Other than that its the same as the kit setup or what my buddy is running and not having problems with . ( His car seems like it has so much steering its not even funny ...I can barely drive the car because its so responsive and does not push ....However I feel that the only thing that my car needs that he doesnt have is alot of traction in the rear ....I guess my friends personal preference or driving style he is okay with that ....But I like my car tight in the rear .)

If you guys got any other suggestion or help that would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks in advance

Hey guys Im back with some updates . So basically I have changed the following :

Put 30 Wt in the front shocks and layed them down one hole from the kit setup ... So third hole in from the outside .

Shortened the wheelbase in the rear ... took the shim from front of the control arm and moved it to the rear ... So both shim in rear of control arm .

I have 3mm droop rear and 2 mm droop in the front .

Also put 2 degrees camber around the whole car .

5mm ride hieght all the way around .

Still running 3000 Sct diff oil .

Results :

Night and day difference from my last post with my issues I basically took my lap time down a second at my track with this setup . I am very happy with it so far , However I do find it pushes slightly still no where near as bad as my old setup . I have placed some 2.5 springs on order to replace my 2.7 springs in the front . I think this will cure my slight push that the car still has .

I do however think my shocks where built on a different day than my buddies lol reason being ....Both rebuilt our shocks together ,no rebound on both , same oil , his tends to be a tiny bit softer when pushing on the front of the chassis .

Im not overly worried but Im real happy with the car now as I am running way better lap times ...I think it will be perfect once I try a lighter spring in the front .

Any other suggestions would be great as a few of your comments have defiantly helped me out .

I am wondering if I go to 2000Sct oil in my rear diff ....Could that help might slight push that Im still getting ?

I just feel the step from 1000 Sct to 3000Sct made my rear end have a ton of more traction and feel way better while driving ... Just wondering what your thoughts would be on 2000Sct with my current setup I have listed ???


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