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Default Instant Gratification...

Originally Posted by azeroth View Post
I do believe it has to do with the instant gratification thing and expense also has to do with locations to run them any LHS can run a E program in the lot out front and not disturb the neighbors anywhere near what running a nitro event would do when you can buy a RTR E vehicle for the price of a chassis or engine with 1/10 the time to maintain and prep but this has been said before personally i wish i could afford and lived somewhere i could run nitro year round
Totally agree. Added to what you mention is the track surface/area required. It takes a lot of time, money, and commitment to build a nitro (gas) in my day!) track. Racers are so spoiled with the great facilities for racing that they expect nothing less.
Nearly all the successful nitro on-road tracks that I am aware of are "permanent" facilities that have ten's of thousands of $ in the facility. I can't help but wonder how the current crop of racers would react to setting up and tearing down the track for every race. Most probably never heard of "Race, Marshall, Score"!
One last comment has to do with the cars being so fast and relitively fragile. The nature of the cars requires a smooth track with great traction or many complain. We tried to run 1/10 Sedans on our electric TC track and they were just too darn fast, shifting into second just when you needed to turn at the end of the straight. Suggestions were made to run single speeds and/or restricted engines, but nobody would even try it.

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