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Originally Posted by Geberit View Post
Do you think the 2.0 mm is more suitable for carpet then 2.25 mm? And what about tarmac? Should I get the 2.0 mm chassis right away with the new ERXY?
To be honest, I don't know. I know from Marc, that he has two different cars; one with 2,25 mm chassis and the second with 2,0 mm. In practices he drives both cars and chooses the best reacting car on that day and surface.

At the moment we will not order the 2,0 mm chassis. We want to test a bit more with the Eryx before we choose to order more option parts.

I can tell you, that the box setup is very close to the setup, we drive on carpet. Only main adjustment is lenghten the wheelbase in the rear to 3 mm instead of 2 mm.
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