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Default >>** A WARNING FOR ALL ** <<

Before you read the rest of the story, I will say that this is completely my fault and I should have known better.

A week or so back, 1/28/13 to be precise, I made a trade with Xtreme187. The trade was a 1/10th Revo with parts for a Dell laptop. I sent him an offer and he accepted it. During our conversations through PM's, he made it clear that he was not interested in shipping first because "I was new" to these forums. Here is the message he sent me.

"I am interested but i dont feel comfortable shipping first to such a new member with no feedback. I know that you say you have feedback elsewhere but we are dealing on this site and the unwritten rules are those with the lowest feedback ship first in a trade. I had to do it when I first joined this site. If we cant get past that then I suggest we not deal with each other. Its all up to you.


After this message, my thought was that hes a good guy who doesn't want to get ripped. I figured that if I really wanted this truck, I would really have no choice. I explained to him that I did not feel comfortable doing so but that I would bite the bullet regardless. That was my first mistake.

I shipped out the laptop to him first as we agreed. Here is the Delivery Conf number from showing that it was delivered with signature confirmation: 2306 3250 0000 0172 9640

After he received the laptop, he did confirm it with me. He claimed that he was going to ship out the next day. Two days later, I asked him if he had shipped and he claims that he "forgot something in storage" and that he would ship out the next day as well as provide me with a tracking number. Ok that's fine I thought.

Almost an entire week later, I still have no Revo, no tracking number and no laptop. I have sent him multiple messages through his PM. I have received zero responses. I know he has seen my messages because all week hes been on making deals on here and buying things. I can see all his recent activity through his account.

I am the last person who wants to take anyone for a walk and Ive always gone above and beyond to give people the best experience. Not only did he get my laptop with a relatively new Intel SSD hard drive, he also got a brand new wireless mouse, a carry case and all the extra DP cables I had for that laptop. I was really excited about the Revo and really wanted to help him out as well. I don't have a job right now so giving away my laptop was a big deal for me. It really makes me sick to my stomach not so much that im without a laptop but that he made himself seem like this outstanding gentleman who was going to "hook me up" and yet here I am today telling everyone here that you can't believe everything people tell you.

Its truly too bad that this had to happen. In my perspective, I will never trust another trader here again. I stepped out on the ledge in good faith and this guy just pushed me off so here is my final peace offer.

Im still holding out hope that this is all just a big misunderstanding and that sooner or later, A revo will show up at my door. However, if you don't get in touch with me soon and fill me in about what's going on, I will plaster ALL your information on ALL the forums you visit including here. I don't want to go through this process and I don't want there to be issues like this but it is what it is.

These things do happen and its a brisk snap back to reality that not all people may be who they claim to be.

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