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Originally Posted by briankstan View Post
I have a setup question, and it has to do with tire wear. I'm running 2 degrees of front camber and after each run you can visibly see that I'm really only using the inside half of the front tires. the rear tires are looking good and running down evenly. I feel that with only using half the tire on the front that I'm losing some acceleration and pull when coming out of the corners. I also only sauce the inside half of the fronts. I donít typically have a problem with traction rolling and would like to keep it that way as well.

would it be beneficial to maybe spring the car stiffer and lower the camber to increase the contact patch with the tire and the track.

We are running on an ozite carpet track and the traction is ďMedium HighĒ Iím running the original RSD6 Chassis with 16.5lb RSD springs in the front, 15.5 RSD springs in the rear. 5mm ride height and 3A setting for roll center. Iím running 2.5 rear toe, 1 degree front toe out.

Any suggestions or help would. Be greatly appreciated.
+1 on previously mentioned setup options. Can also try raising the inside camber link location (adding shims) to create less camber gain during suspension up-travel.
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