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Default Re: 1/10th or 1/8th

Originally posted by Ferdi
Do you drive, a 1/10 or 1/8?
If you drive both scales, wich of the two do you prefer?
Why did you choose for that typical scale?
According to you wich has a bigger fun factor?
According to you wich has a bigger competitive factor?

Hi Ferdi,

I run both.
If choosing one, I'll go 1/8. Because:
1.Thrill/Tremendous Power - in my opinion, no other RC class matches that. The screaming engines down straights = F1s on smaller scale. 1/10 cannot deliver this.
2. Handling - Very stable(assuming car is done properly). Esp when you hit that "perfect" setup and being able to full throttle "everywhere", RC Nivarna!
3. Looks - Most 1/8 chassis looks awesome - Mugen/Serpent/Kyosho/SMP/Team Magic's "Vampire". Huge tires, broad chassis...Work of art!
I ran both because alternating between the two classes makes me appreciate each better.

As to fun factor - if you're running alone, I think 1/8 beats 1/10. but if you're the only 1/8 in a crowd of 1/10s, I would think 1/10 is the way to go. Fun depends also on the crowd around you.

Competition - Depends on where you are and you can tell from the activities....

What others here mentioned on 1/8 running cost is true. If you try to run 1/8 on an on like for 1/10s, they are far more expensive. On the track I ran, about 7 tanks(125cc each tank) to finish a set of fron and rear tires for 1/8. For 1/10s, thru 20 tanks or so(75cc each tank) tires can still go.

Because of the speed, 1/8 is more attention/energy zapping and I normally do not run it like a 1/10. So minimum impact on running cost.

Upgrades/parts replacement - 1/8 generally 20% more ex than 1/10.

Hope my input helps.
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