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Originally Posted by 8ight-e View Post
You'll be impressed. Report back

Most pro 4 owners (many other motors in this class too) deal with heat issues, and basically have no choice but to run an rx8 (or similar) esc w/ a limiter just to keep things in check regardless of gear options. You don't need to worry about temps or limiters any of that stuff ever again w/ the hw 4k. Gear 13-16depending on setup your esc/ esc settings and size of track and just smile and race. These really are expected results though with a rotor as big as it is vs. the pro4ís.

It has a different power band w/ more torque for when you need/want it.. subjective of course if you actually like the 'feel'. I've found you can come off a tight turn and be a little off the line and still have the rear needed to nail everything just a little easier than w/ the pro4. You can even adjust in flight a little better if you have a less than perfect take off. This was far more challenging w/ either of the tekins I owned when setup to the 'race settings' to avoid heat issues. For someone who can throw fast laps but may miss a line or two (unlike you guys that nail it every time :P) it can make a big difference through the duration of a race. Top end it will stay with or even walk away from the 4600 depending on setup and with a lower temp.

Please note this is all my opinion, but is supported by my experience w/ all of these choices discussed (actually have tried 12 motors and 5 escs in this truck) over the last few years. Ask others though w/ this setup and see what their thoughts are,, I'd suspect they have had similar results.

V3's have been out since spring, v3.1 is now available with some minor improvements. Agree most are just fine w/ the sctpro.

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Interesting. I have never had heat issues with my Pro-4 but I know others have. Glad to see there are lots of good options out there.
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