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Originally Posted by f1larry View Post
What rims do the pardus tires go on (f104 foam rims or the f104 rubber tire rims), or does the set come with the rims when you buy a set?
The Pardus tires are pretty sweet. Not sure how much they are going for in the States, but in Shanghai you get a full set of tires and rims for $23.

They softened the compound since IIC, but you still get good wear. We are running them on a large asphalt track for 45 minutes of qualifying, then a 30 minute main with no problems. I'm told the newer, softer compound tires will come with grey rims, not black.

After today's race, I got a chance to test their upcoming tire with fuller inserts. Same foam constancy, but thicker to keep the side walls from flexing as much and rolling over themselves. They gave much better front grip without creating traction rolls. I also like that when you do lose it in a corner, it's not a snap spin, but a skid you can steer out of.

When the fronts get a rough grain across them after about 5 minutes, they really hook up for me. I tried speeding this up by sanding them and found that "liquefies" the tire and ruins them quickly.

Also the inside bearing holder rim tends to crack easily if you hit a lot of stuff. We decreased that frequency by wrapping them with a small strip of fiber tape.

And no, I don't work for Pardus, but after 3 consecutive podium finishes, I'm fairly impressed, especially at that price point.

Good luck all, I wish I was back home racing in this series with you guys.
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