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Originally Posted by bertrandsv87 View Post
I was specifically told by the mods to only post here about the tc4 and nowhere else... So I did ... Hopefully the same will apply to the other posters....
By the way, tc3/tc4 parts are so cheap and available that I've stopped stocking on parts: I have too many of them already, and the car does not wear them out.....
JEEEZ...Bertie take a vallium ease up. Dr. Bull sez take 2 aspirins and go to bed will feel better in the morning. I have been working on my TC3 for 2 summer seasons of racing on asphalt. Our track is 80' X 150' we have 21.5 stock TC class 1450g min wt, in which I race my VTA TC3. There is only 1 other VTA car so we have to run in TC stock. Last season I never finished worse than 2nd. I will carry on with the TC3 this spring. I scooped a new IRS Graphite chassis for it, I have upgraded the shocks to AE6.1 Aluminum diffs front & rear etc, etc, etc. There is a team TC4 in the works as a possible replacement using all of Darksides, Rojna and your tips and tricks and set up info, in order to build the ultimate TC4. So if some one wants to chirp about some other car I am interested there opinions. Just remember, IF YOU AIN"T HAVIN FUN GO HOME.......Now BE....lets have some fun!!!!!!!
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