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Ahem and your argument was ?

I would choose a tc3 over a spec-r any day but when it comes to give responsible advice to a guy just starting in the class that's another story, especially if he's on a tight budget. The price of the parts necessary to update his car to "modern" standards and a decent level of reliability would almost equate the price of a brand new spec-r S1 . And he'll have to order said parts in several hobbyshops all over the internet. And in the end he'll still have a car with subpar shocks ( yes, I just said that) and much more fragile than a modern car. Seriously what kind of advice is that ?

PLEASE bertrand87 stop telling everyone the TC4 (or the novak ESC or motor or whatever) is the best and everyone should run one. Spend your money as you wish but don't give such bad advice without any rational argument.
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