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Originally Posted by ozziii View Post
I used to have a Revo & had read up on them a fair bit but had never heard of anything like disengaging 4wd. Not sure how you would go about it as its virtually full locked 4x4 with the way the trans is set up, unless it has a centre diff which will give some slippage from front to rear. I think it would need a whole different trans set up for that.
I sold mine after only 4-5 months & got something I like better, things wear to fast on them & get sloppy & the plastic trans gears should be steel from factory.
Yea you would need a switchable transfer case. I don't want a center diff cause I like doing wheelies. I found a website that has one but none in stock and the web site seems kinda shady. O well it was just idea I guess
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