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Originally Posted by SMcD View Post
Hi. I've been running this car for a over a year - got one of the first batch. I love the car and don't see myself switching.

I was racing yesterday and found myself wanting a stiffer rear spring. I was running Durango Dark Blue black springs and wanted to buy a Dark Red pair. (I could have just borrowed some as we got a lot of Durangos) She didn't have any, so I bought a pair of Durango White series springs. They are much stiffer as lablelled and in feel. One of our guys had tried some out earlier (when only the rears were available) and had said that they worked. Also said something about the rate being progressive.

I ran some laps on the car and pulled it off the track. Walked to the store and bought a set of front white series. Another durango guy (a new guy so I really don't know him) was in the store with me when I bought the rears and we were talking and looking at spring charts (the White series weren't even in the chart I had) and also bought a set of rears. He noticed a big improvement in the car. After I put the fronts on ran some laps, he asked what I thought and I told him. After he put his new set of White fronts on and we finished the day, we agreed the car was much better with the white series springs.

So, what's the deal with these springs? I know they are harder and designed for the longer suspension arms of SC trucks. The spring collar rides much higher on the shock now. That's all the info I can find. Are they progressive, just stiffer, magic, what?
their the white series spring on the team durango site their measured in gf , i have them on a sc and liked them haven't seen ones to fit the buggy yet i got the first batch of 58gf they had on the site i have other springs in the same gf and rates and they do feel more progressive to me also
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