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Originally Posted by valk View Post
for 17.5 blinky im runnign 350cst front/rear, 4holes in front, 3 in rear. yellow springs front grey rear.
i run pretty much stock everything else, with 0.5 front toe and 1F 1.5R camber. car is easy to drive and very responsive.

of course, i learned the other day you reall yhave to double tripple check this car for whatever reason. had some screws loosen and one of my axles fell apart. lost the insert and pin. bearings on that side were also shot.
not much of a crash. a typical tap on clicktrack, guess its enough.

cant wait for outdoor season so i can run the serpent on a weekly basis. by then i hope the eryx parts make it to amain so i can upgrade my v2 s411.
i assume all the bulkheads are the same?
sure a new car is nice but not all of us can afford a $500 kit whenever the new ones comes lol.
figure i could get the shocks, towers, layshaft bearing holders and lower steering mounts for a reasonable price and have a nice little upgrade for that car.

all this talk about lowering the steering.. couldnt you just flip the swingarms upside down to acheive the same effect?
I actually ran one of my cars with the flipped steering ams thinking the same thing and it's very close. while about 2mm higher then the shorter posts, it helps a ton. That with a 1 mm spacer under the link on the knuckle made for a very balanced feel. 95% of the same feelng as the lower posts IMO.
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