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Originally Posted by ruebiracer View Post

Thanks for the weights, maybe I have to try some extra weights like Raman on the plastic knuckles, to see the effect. Can you confirm, that the rear piston rods are 2mm longer, like in the Pro Kit?
5mm ground clearance in rear with nearly no droop, sounds like my actual setup.
But if you had the kit setup for the R regarding oil and pistons, that would really be helpful!

The shock rods are longer in the rear, but I didn't use them. I instead used TRF touring shocks with the option carbon shock towers (54362 and 54361 ).

Set-up is 400 cst oil front and rear, 3 holes 1.3 mm piston rear and 3 holes 1.0mm piston front, Red black springs up front and yellow black springs rear. Same suggested toe and camber as with the regular M06Pro

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