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M06R is still not in stock in the US... And the part number for the weights is not listed. What I don't like is that you have I use them with the Alu rear uprights. I don't like alu up rights and knuckles.. Those are the parts that receive the forces of a crash. Prefer plastic that can be replaced, cheaply.

I was at an indoor track tuning my car for a race tomorrow. It started the day very unstable.. I was finally able to get it to drive right again. Some of the changes I made were to remove sway bars completely, looks like the car doesn't need it. I'm addition I went back to yellow springs up front and red in rear with 35wt oil all around. I also stopped being lazy and removed gear diff and installed ball diff.

WOW! What a difference! The car accelerates much better and is much more r

Like the rest of you, I'm curious about the rear weights. So I added a 7g lead weight on each arm for traction. Did not notice an increase in rear traction, al though I don't have a rear traction issue
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