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Hi Guys,

Do you already own the M-06R ?
Can anybody confirm , that the weight and the lower rear dampers ends up in an better rear grip?

i am strongly interested in this kit, but won't spend money if there is not that big difference (compared to my M-06 Pros)

I have the same problem!
Really curious about the rear setup on the R. As it is not my favorite regarding colours, I donīt want to effort buying a whole kit at the moment. But I really would like to try the R setup and the clamp on weights, as well as the new lower damper fixing. I hope one day Tamiya will give better advice to combine all the different setups on the M06. So how to combine the new lower fixing with e.g. the new carbon stay in the rear, which has moved hole positions compared to the old carbon stay. But maybe itīs already in the R manual...

Regarding shimming: I only shim light, but with some 3mm shims for the suspension arms and some 5mmīs for the wheel axles youīre prepared to try.

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