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Originally posted by moonman
I think the TC4 isn't a real racing car. To me racing cars are made of alloy and carbon and not cheap plastic. Sure it performs well on the track but it dosen't look like a top level racing car and all the plastic make it feel toyish when looking at it. To me a nice quality looking car is important.

The trend now is towards carbon and machined aluminum type cars. So I think Associated really need to do something more with the factory team than putting on some composite chassis parts, titanium links and blue motor mount.

It seems to take some time before the FT is out so that might indicate that they are making som more changes but if they just put on the graphite parts that's a very cheap sales trick.
Before you read this please know that I am not biased as my main car is a Tamiya 415!!
WOW!! That's really funny! I thought racing cars were made for performance. I mean, tub chassis are definately stiffer than their C/F counterparts. Tub chassis are definately lighter (except for the Losi...LOL) than their C/F considering that with tubs you don't need extra top decks all the excess aluminum bulkheads to add stiffness and strength. Tub chassis cars typically have less parts (this does not mean less adjustability), again meaning less weight, less to go wrong, and less to break.
Also in my experience tub cars are easier to perform maintenance on as well. Tubs need much less chassis prep than C/F. Oh, yeah, tubs are also cheaper to manufacture in quantity...should I go on. To me race cars are about performance...not BLING!
I do hate that it will take a while for the Factory Team version to be released but, in actually, all manufactures do it. The nice thing is that the FT TC3 was untouched or the same for 4 years, where companies like Tamiya, X-Ray, Corally etc, have new cars about every year.

I guess in the end, you don't have to buy the TC4
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